Get money for your Yu-Gi-Oh! collection!

We’ll sell your Yu-Gi-Oh! collection for you and put money in your hands. With our knowledge, expertise and sales channels, you’ll get top dollar for your cards without going through any trouble.


Fill out the form below to contact us and start turning your cards into cash. 

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How It works

Once you contact us at Infinite Cards using the form above, we’ll get back to you within 1 to 2 business days. In the meantime (or when you submit the form), fill in a text file or the comment field with the names and card codes of the most interesting cards in your collection.

We know you probably have a lot of cards so you don’t need to let us know everything you have just yet. We’ll set up a phone call or video chat to do a free assessment of your collection and give a ballpark number of how much you can get for it.

After we give you an idea of how much your collection is worth and how much we can sell it for, you can decide whether to go forward with us selling your collection for you.

However, the cards you want to sell must be in Great/Near Mint to Mint condition. For more information on what the different card conditions are visit Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Conditions Guide.

How Much Do I get paid?

Default rates vary with the quantity and overall value of the collection and are subject to change based on when the assessment has been made. Once you choose to move forward and have us start selling your cards for you, we’ll issue payments to your account over a specific time period that’s negotiated between you and Infinite Cards.

Act Now

If you’re tired of thinking about your old Yu-Gi-Oh! cards and not sure whether to play them, because you fell so far behind in the game with other things going on in life…or if the decks out there are just too ridiculous to duel against, but you just can’t find the heart to throw those cards away…we can turn that uncertainty into options through money for your cards.

Don’t wait! You could be sitting on hundreds or thousands of dollars. Your cards are valuable today!

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If you’d like to get in touch with our cards services representative, call us at (408) 634-9218.



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